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After all is said and done, the very most important element to a successful dance is a vast variety of music. At Juke Box Bandstand we continuously update our libraries to ensure the greatest cross section of music to entertain all ages… therefore never hearing the same old "stale" party music!
  • Music SelectionTo view our on-line music offerings, click on the link below. Once you are there, you might want to preview a song by selecting the "listen" icon. This will take you to Itunes where you can hear a 28 second sample. No account is needed and there is nothing you need to buy.
  • If there is a special song you do not see on our list, please contact us and we will make every attempt to obtain it for your dance.
  • Please be sure you enter "SUBMIT" to send this to Juke Box Bandstand.
  • To help you decide on a particular song for the various formalities, you might want to view the Most Requested Wedding Songs from 2015.

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Sugarland, Arena WI.
Hi Martie,
It was so nice to meet you and Tom this weekend. Thank you for your knowledge, professionalism and attention to detail during the ceremony. After all, what good is it to have beautiful live music if nobody can hear it? The amplification of the guitarists, vocalist and officiant really took the ceremony over the top!
The big screen slide show was also wonderful. This opened up another dimemsion for our guests to get a peek into the newlyweds lives as they developed into who they are today.
We have also had many wonderful comments for the reception DJ, Erik Busse. He was so fun and energetic which just added to the fun of the celebration. He also followed through on our requests.
Thanks you all so very much again for helping us with our special event!

Paul & Deb Gustafson (Parents of the Bride)

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