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Reception Agenda

Once you have booked your wedding dance with Juke Box Bandstand, we ask you to assist us in making your reception a total success by completing this convenient wedding dance information Reception Agenda - parkerform. We have put together a comprehensive questionnaire for you to fill out, giving us all the details of how you want us to formulate the reception dance... from start to finish!

Depending on the amount of time you have retained our services for, we will be on hand to greet your first guests and assist them with any questions they may have. So if you are busy having pictures taken... rest assured your Juke Box Bandstand Disc Jockey is at the reception and ready to go! You will see we handle every introduction, coordinate every detail, and give you guidance and structure to ensure a smooth flowing event. At the same time we seek your input to customize a reception that is truly unique to you.

The week of your reception we will confirm all the details with you and your venue to achieve an enjoyable reception for you, your family and all your friends!

Click below to go to this helpful tool and when you are comfortable with what you have entered, please submit the form to Juke Box Bandstand. If you prefer, you have the option to save your work and finish at a later time.

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Lake Windsor Country Club, Windsor WI.
I attended a wedding reception at the Lake Windsor Country Club on Saturday, November 5. The DJ was Marc Lovicott. He was dressed very nice and acted very professional.
He did an excellent job! I have been to my fair share of wedding receptions- and the DJ makes or breaks how long people stick around. Obviously there was a mix of many generations- but he played music that got a good size crowd dancing- he kept people dancing- not an easy task. He always announced when he was going to slow it down , but then picked up the pace again. I am over 50 and was dancing with my twenty something daughters to songs I have never heard before- but loved every minute of it!
I also appreciated that the music wasn't too loud (that age thing again!), but it isn't any fun if you are sitting at a table and can not have a conversation with your table mates.
There was still a large amount of (perspiration soaked) people dancing when Marc announced he had to shut down at midnight. A great time was had by all!
Thank you

Laura Clement

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