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  • Todd Alderman

    Todd Alderman

    Rockton, Illinois

    Family Status: Married with two beautiful daughters and a handsome son.

    Hobbies: Computers, Basketball and although it is a job, I consider DJing my biggest hobby. I think that once it becomes work, it takes the art out of entertaining.

    Musical Prefs: Hip-Hop and Top 40 is what I typically listen to but I enjoy music from just about every genre.

    ‘Real World’ Job: Data Engineer III at Grainger

    What I Like Best About DJing: The kind of night when the dance floor is packed from the first song to the last. It just doesn’t get any better than that!

    Favorite Place to Hang Out: With friends and family. I am a big fan of football and basketball so I like to go to Packers, Bucks and Badger games when I have free time.

  • Sean Brusegar

    Sean Brusegar

    Stoughton, Wisconsin

    Family Status: Married with two very active boys… great guys!

    Musical Prefs: I like all types, with emphasis on 70’s/80’s and current dance music.

    ‘Real World’ Job: Village of Cottage Grove

    What I Like Best About DJing: Not many jobs give you the opportunity to play great music, promote having an excellent time, and meeting all sorts of people. This job does!

    Misc: If you’re hiring us for a wedding dance, by the time we meet it’s time for you to relax and celebrate your day… you’re in great hands. Enjoy the party!

  • Tyler Caulum

    Tyler Caulum

    Portage, Wisconsin

    Personal Info: UW-Whitewater graduate. Married with two beautiful daughters, and two cats.

    Hobbies: I’m an avid golfer in the summer and curler in the winter. I also enjoy getting some cool shots with my drone!

    Musical Prefs: My favorite genre is old school hip hop, but I enjoy everything from 70’s hits through today.

    ‘Real World’ Job: Senior Geographic Information System Analyst for an engineering firm in Madison.

    What I Like Best About DJing: Getting into the music and customizing my playlist for the event.

    Favorite Place to Hang Out: I love going to live sporting events. My favorite stadiums are American Family Field and Fiserv Forum.

  • Paul Johnson

    Paul Johnson

    Stoughton, Wisconsin

    Personal Info: Married with two daughters.

    Hobbies: The great outdoors…kayaking, hunting & fishing, camping, golf.

    Musical Prefs: I truly like it all…whatever keeps the dance floor full!

    ‘Real World’ Job: City of Stoughton

    What I Like Best About DJing: I enjoy being a part of any special event, facilitating a great time with music and dancing!

    Favorite Place to Hang Out: Anywhere with cold beer and live music.

  • James Listug

    James Listug

    Stoughton, Wisconsin

    Personal Info: Graduate UW-Whitewater, Public Relations and Marketing

    Hobbies: Community Theater, Traveling, All Wisconsin sports, Softball in the summer

    Musical Prefs: 70’s, 80’s and 90’s, Most modern rock, Pop and R&B. AND, Frank Sinatra!

    ‘Real World’ Job: Communications Specialist at WI Department of Veterans Affairs

    What I Like Best About DJing: Seeing people having fun/dancing and “gettin’ down”!

    Favorite Place to Hang Out: Our family cabin on the lake, near Gleason, WI

  • Marc Lovicott

    Marc Lovicott

    McFarland, Wisconsin

    Personal Info: Married, UW-Whitewater grad.

    Hobbies: Volleyball, golf, going to movies, and spending time with friends and family.

    Musical Prefs: I like just about anything but I’m a big Bon Jovi fan, and I love 80’s Rock and Top 40 music, and today’s dance music.

    ‘Real World’ Job: Public Information Officer at University of Wisconsin

    What I Like Best About DJing: Seeing people dancing all night, laughing, and smiling is the most rewarding part of the job…I love helping people have fun. It’s a job like none other and I love it!

    Favorite Place to Hang Out: I love Camp Randall and Regent Street on Badger Football Saturdays. Otherwise, the Great Dane Pub is one of my favorite spots.

    Misc: I’m a huge fan of local cover bands…Super Tuesday and Cherry Pie are two of my favorites. So if I’m not DJ’ing, and they’re playing somewhere, you’ll probably find me there!

  • Sava Parisi

    Sava Parisi

    Madison, Wisconsin

    Family Status: Married with a baby boy and a dog (animal rescue).

    Hobbies: Painting, Cooking, Home Brewing, and Rec Sports.

    Musical Prefs: love everything, but I have a soft spot for 80’s/90’s Hip-Hop, Pop Anthems, really anything that swarms the dance floor!

    ‘Real World’ Job: Ace is the place

    What I Like Best About DJing: Watching people go crazy over their favorite song!

    Favorite Place to Hang Out: Downtown Madison and the near East Side. Good food, good beer, what more do you need?

  • Austin Schultz

    Austin Schultz

    Madison, Wisconsin

    Personal Info: Single (raising my cocker spaniel, Henry); Graduate UW-Madison School of Business.

    Hobbies: Water Skiing, SCUBA Diving, Traveling, Brewers baseball, Music.

    Musical Prefs: 70’s & 80’s – Current Rock and Dance Music…even some good oldies mixed in! Anything you can’t help but dance to.

    ‘Real World’ Job: JBB Business Operations

    What I Like Best About DJing: Keeping the dance floor packed the entire night!

    Favorite Place to Hang Out: On the water.

  • Steve Swadley

    Steve Swadley

    Madison, Wisconsin

    Family Status: Married with a beautiful daughter and three awesome sons.

    Hobbies: Guitar, Performing with the band.

    Musical Prefs: “A little bit of everything, not a lot of anything.”

    What I Like Best About DJing: I love rockin’ and rollin’ while showing everyone a great time!

    Favorite Place to Hang Out: Any place with great music.

    Misc: You are in great hands with JBB. I also give guitar lessons and teach gymnastics.

  • Terry Wendt

    Terry Wendt

    Janesville, Wisconsin

    Family Status: Married

    Hobbies: Cardio Spinning Enthusiast, Avid Golfer

    Musical Prefs: Blues; current dance; 70’s/80’s and good old school hip-hop!

    ‘Real World’ Job: Owner of State Farm Agency – Janesville.

    Favorite Place to Hang Out: Anywhere with good entertainment

    Misc: We love getting out to the various venues in the area…Madison to Chicago. There are many great times to be had!

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